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Hauge & Hassain Inc.

It’s pronounced hoa•gie Like The Sandwich

Specialists in Wallcovering Installation & Painting


1. What are the “Green” steps you are taking toward further improving the environment in the painting industry?

We have trained personnel in the current LEED applications and will upgrade them when new standards are implemented. We are also affiliated with the IUPAT union training facilities that continuously upgrade their classes to the most modern “Green” techniques available. We have a new state of the art spray booth that removes particulates form the environment in a safe and secure procedure and is inspected regularly by trained personnel and monitored by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

2. Would you be able to match stain color of a particular wood sample or existing stain?

Yes we can. We have many techniques available either by matching to a current stock colors, employing our vendors with their chemists or by our own highly skilled employees that can match colors by the old fashioned way “by eye”.

3. Are glazes safe to use in my child's room?

Most water-based glazes are safe. Oil-based or alkyd-based glazes are not and should be clear coated after drying with a water-based urethane.

4. Do you have experience working in high-tech areas and clean rooms?

Yes. We have extensive experience painting in high-tech areas and laboratory settings such as clean rooms.??

5. What are some things I should consider before painting my house?

Although cost is a factor; other criteria should be weighed such as:
Does the contractor have a current state license?
Is the contractor properly insured?