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Hauge & Hassain Inc.

It’s pronounced hoa•gie Like The Sandwich

We Service the greater Seattle area including Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and Renton as far North as Everett and South as Olympia.

Specialists in Wallcovering Installation & Painting

Please contact us by letter at the following:

Hauge & Hassain, Inc.
1140 NW 46th St.
Seattle, WA. 98107

Contact us by facsimile at:

FAX – 206-789-8854

Contact us by phone or email:

Lane Christopherson

General Manager

(206) 789-8842 Ext 17

Wayne Johnson

Senior Estimator

(206) 789-8842 Ext 24

Sue Parrish

Senior Estimator

(206) 789-8842 Ext 15

Janice Anderson

Senior Estimator

(206) 789-8842 Ext 20

Tracey Higdon

Senior Estimator

(206) 789-8842 Ext 14

Send us a general e-mail: services@haugeinc.com

Our main office and shop location in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

Get Directions To:
1140 NW 46th St.
Seattle WA 98107